A Year’s Wardrobe

As the seasons pass, the leaves take off their old shades and wear those of the new term. Near the end of Autumn, steadily approaching the frosty winter, they strip themselves of the vermilion and hazel contours that they once adorned. Many of the leaves go into hiding, but some put on a new coat of sorts. The few that remain wear a covering of gentle white lace which gives the wearer a feeling that all whom wear such lace possess, a feeling of faintness and delicacy. As the term once again shifts, so do the leaves and their garments. At this time, the lace is shed and fittingly replaced with a verdant gown of Spring. The leaves and their sisters dance to the mellifluous tunes of songbirds. They dance and dance and when all have grown weary, they still.

There are of course, still traces of the bountiful Spring, however, the leaves and their sisters no longer dance as merrily, for they know that the show must end soon. Summer has come and gone, the green gowns are soon taken off in exchange for the passionate red robes and rich hazel tunics of Autumn, which in time, give life to a paradise of gold and rubies.



Summer Nostalgia pt.1

There once was a little cat who always enjoyed eating fish. The little cat lived under the care of an elderly woman who loved to feed him lots of delicious treats. The little cat and the elderly woman spent their days peacefully and pleasantly, until one day, the elderly woman passed away. It was a warm summer day, one that was perfumed with the scent of marigolds and cantaloupes. The popular summer fruit was a trademark of the minuscule town where the little cat and elderly woman lived in. Typically around this time, the little cat would accompany the elderly woman to view the beautiful sun-kissed marigolds and taste the succulent sweet cantaloupes that had always been picked fresh from off the vine.

This year however, there was no elderly woman to accompany, and while the marigolds had seemed to look bleak and void of color, the cantaloupes had likewise lacked the taste and flavor of years past. The elderly woman was gone and the little cat had been taken in by her daughter.

The woman looked haggard and tired. She was a working woman who lived in the crowded, big cities. When she had caught news of her mother’s passing, she had rushed back to her hometown in order to take care care of the funeral arrangements. You see, she was an only child, the single jewel in her mother’s palm, the apple of her mother’s eye. When she arrived at the house, she began to reminisce about her childhood and laughed whilst recalling those happy memories. However, these were memories and emotions that were now foreign to the woman. The woman shook off the past sentiments and opened the door to the house. She began to clean up and put together the cardboard boxes that she had taken with her to the house.

Several hours later, the woman called a moving company to send in a truck that would ship the boxes containing her mother’s belonging’s to her house in the big city. As the truck finished packing and left, the woman did another thorough search through the house before going inside and shutting the door. She was exhausted and wished to take a nice hot shower before going to bed. However, she suddenly heard a noise.

“Meow”~. It was a cat! The woman assumed that it was just another stray, and temporarily ignored his pleas. Unfortunately, soon after his first cries, there came even more sounds of scratching and meowing. The woman was worried about the damage to the house that the cat might have done due to all his scratching on the front door, and reluctantly let him in…

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Reminiscence of Lotus Pavilion Ch.2

A bright ray of sunlight illuminated a small portion of a simple but cozy little room. I quickly rubbed the sleepiness out of my darkened eyelids and dressed myself for the day. Indeed, being the maid of a wealthy household shouldn’t have been much work. However, due to Young Master’s rejection from the previous day, the fear of being sold off from a prestigious household to a lesser one had kept me up all night. I quickly left my small abode and hurried along to Young Master’s chambers. “Young Master, the sun has just risen, the Old Master bids you to come and eat breakfast with him”.

Something. No, someone. A man stirred among the silken layers of covers and blankets. Young Master slowly got up and began to get dressed.

I quickly moved to serve him, but was blocked by a strong arm instead.

“Young Master, this-this servant shall serve you!”

“There’s no need. Haven’t I told you to return back to serve my grandfather already?”.

“Young Master… The Old Master ordered that no matter what, this servant shall obey Young Master’s orders and follow you.”

“Then If I tell you to jump to your death you’ll obey?”

“This servant shall abide by Young Master’s wishes.”

“Hmph!” And with a flick of his sleeves, he left, shortly after I had dressed him.


Reminiscence of Lotus Pavilion Prologue

“Lian! wait for me!”

A lovely bell like sound rang out, the source, an enchanting young girl seemingly around 12-13 years of age. The young fairy danced across the muddy waters of a beautiful lotus pond, her pale green muslin robes fluttering as she moved. Another youth, around the same age as the girl, stood at the edge of the pond, gazing intently towards the beauty in green.

“Tee-hee! Not my fault if you’re so slow”.

The youth, a handsome boy with sword like brows and a deep gaze with whirlpool like eyes, held a complicated gaze towards Lian. His expression morphing into one of both longing and loss.

“But Lian, I can never catch up to you…”


Reminiscence of Lotus Pavilion Ch.1

Okay, so I had watched a Chinese vocaloid named Luo Tianyi’s MV Reminiscence of the Red Lotus (忆红莲), and then used it as an inspiration for this story. /*The maidservant addresses herself as “this slave”(奴婢) and her Young Master(少爷), in third person due to the honorifics of the time. The story/fanfic is set in Ancient China. I don’t really know how to describe it, it’s just the way that they talked in order to humble themselves before people of higher rank/order.*/

Young Master liked being idle. He would spend the majority of his time gazing at the dead and broken lotus buds in the Old Master’s lotus pavilion. The Old Master often reprimanded him, feeling embarrassed that the eldest dí(嫡) son was such a lazy waste. Young Master had showed no interest in succeeding the esteemed He(何) family, and as a result, neglected attending the imperial academy. While all this makes our Young Master seem like an idle silk pants, Young Master had once been an incredibly promising youth. By the tender age of 13, Young Master had been able to recite the Dao de Jing( 道德經) and the Analects(論語) by heart! He had even contributed to these renown philosophies  by elaborating on points that previous generations hadn’t even began to touch on! Truth be told, I myself had only heard of his achievements from my fellow maidservants. Young master is now 23, however,  and all the promise foretold from his youth had gradually diminished over the short span of a decade.

“Young Master, Old Master has ordered this slave(奴婢) to make sure Young Master finishes the noon day meal”. I arch my back forwards and lower my head submissively whilst saying this, afraid of possibly disgusting my new master with an appearance as jaded and ordinary as my own.

To my surprise, a clear and deep ringing voice answered, “Ah…? And you are?”

With my face still covered and back still arched forwards in a perfect bow, “This slave has been given to young master as a personal maidservant by the Old Master”.

His smooth and enchantingly clear voice replied, “raise your head.”

I paused for a short moment, then hesitantly obeyed, revealing my plain and insignificant exterior. What met my gaze was beyond astonishing. With skin as delicate and pale as snow, hair as lustrous and dense as a waterfall, and a well proportioned body deserving of being deemed a “fine specimen”, Young Master was certainly the most beautiful person I had ever laid eyes on. His appearance was that of an immortal being’s. Young Master’s unearthly physique easily outshone all the so called “beautiful” women in the imperial capital. I stumbled, and would have indeed fallen in the muddy lotus pond if not for young master’s sturdy hand catching me.

He pulled me back onto the stone steps of the pavilion and helped me steady myself. “Tell my grandfather that there’s no need for any of his meddling here, I’ll be fine on my own.” Young Master turned around and swiftly walked in the direction towards his private dwellings.