Reminiscence of Lotus Pavilion Ch.2

A bright ray of sunlight illuminated a small portion of a simple but cozy little room. I quickly rubbed the sleepiness out of my darkened eyelids and dressed myself for the day. Indeed, being the maid of a wealthy household shouldn’t have been much work. However, due to Young Master’s rejection from the previous day, the fear of being sold off from a prestigious household to a lesser one had kept me up all night. I quickly left my small abode and hurried along to Young Master’s chambers. “Young Master, the sun has just risen, the Old Master bids you to come and eat breakfast with him”.

Something. No, someone. A man stirred among the silken layers of covers and blankets. Young Master slowly got up and began to get dressed.

I quickly moved to serve him, but was blocked by a strong arm instead.

“Young Master, this-this servant shall serve you!”

“There’s no need. Haven’t I told you to return back to serve my grandfather already?”.

“Young Master… The Old Master ordered that no matter what, this servant shall obey Young Master’s orders and follow you.”

“Then If I tell you to jump to your death you’ll obey?”

“This servant shall abide by Young Master’s wishes.”

“Hmph!” And with a flick of his sleeves, he left, shortly after I had dressed him.



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