Summer Nostalgia pt.1

There once was a little cat who always enjoyed eating fish. The little cat lived under the care of an elderly woman who loved to feed him lots of delicious treats. The little cat and the elderly woman spent their days peacefully and pleasantly, until one day, the elderly woman passed away. It was a warm summer day, one that was perfumed with the scent of marigolds and cantaloupes. The popular summer fruit was a trademark of the minuscule town where the little cat and elderly woman lived in. Typically around this time, the little cat would accompany the elderly woman to view the beautiful sun-kissed marigolds and taste the succulent sweet cantaloupes that had always been picked fresh from off the vine.

This year however, there was no elderly woman to accompany, and while the marigolds had seemed to look bleak and void of color, the cantaloupes had likewise lacked the taste and flavor of years past. The elderly woman was gone and the little cat had been taken in by her daughter.

The woman looked haggard and tired. She was a working woman who lived in the crowded, big cities. When she had caught news of her mother’s passing, she had rushed back to her hometown in order to take care care of the funeral arrangements. You see, she was an only child, the single jewel in her mother’s palm, the apple of her mother’s eye. When she arrived at the house, she began to reminisce about her childhood and laughed whilst recalling those happy memories. However, these were memories and emotions that were now foreign to the woman. The woman shook off the past sentiments and opened the door to the house. She began to clean up and put together the cardboard boxes that she had taken with her to the house.

Several hours later, the woman called a moving company to send in a truck that would ship the boxes containing her mother’s belonging’s to her house in the big city. As the truck finished packing and left, the woman did another thorough search through the house before going inside and shutting the door. She was exhausted and wished to take a nice hot shower before going to bed. However, she suddenly heard a noise.

“Meow”~. It was a cat! The woman assumed that it was just another stray, and temporarily ignored his pleas. Unfortunately, soon after his first cries, there came even more sounds of scratching and meowing. The woman was worried about the damage to the house that the cat might have done due to all his scratching on the front door, and reluctantly let him in…

image1 (3)


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